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Gain mobility with this stretching practice

From Cubolife, we would like to propose a stretching practice focused on twisting, which you can perform in a few minutes.

The objective of this exercise is to gain mobility, and above all to lubricate all the joints of our body and especially the vertebrae of our spine, which at the end of being so long standing or sitting, are shortening and losing that feeling of lightness and lubrication that the joints need.

We propose 3 positions to perform standing. The before and after will be completely different and you will feel much better.

You can do them on their own as a rescue remedy when you need it, they can be done anywhere, and if you feel like a longer practice you can add them to other stretching practices of our Cubolife App.

To watch our expert's step-by-step video, go to our App in the My Wellness > Stretches > Back section.

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