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Improving Well-being and Health in companies

Cubolife Mission

Improve wellness and health in companies, through a corporate wellness App super personalized to the employee, with a team of professionals of the highest level.
A 360º philosophy that includes innovative sports training services and autonomous gyms in modular format.

Our Vision

Improving well-being and health in companies and innovating in the sports sector.

Why Cubolife?

Today, there is a shift in priorities among workers, with health taking precedence.
Companies have a long way to go in terms of Corporate Wellness Programmes.

Faced with the lack of time to practice sport, due to having to reconcile work and family life, why not try to make it easier to do sport and lead a healthy lifestyle, thanks to technology?


With all this, Cubolife's long-term objectives are twofold:

  • To be a reference company in technological products that allow the practice of sport anywhere, thus developing the welfare and health of society, innovation, and helping in rural depopulation with services that otherwise would not be available.
  • 0% CO2 emissions and manufacture with 100% recycled or reused materials. We will investigate how to transform the energy generated by our customers during their workouts into energy for the autonomy of the gym, and thus reduce the number of photovoltaic panels.

Cubolife Customers

  • Companies: to improve the wellbeing and health of their employees with our Corporate Wellness Programme.
  • Sports clubs: providing technological sports solutions and facilitating all types of training.

They already trust us:

They already trust us: