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Corporate Wellness Program

From 3€/user


  1. Increasing productivity
  2. Improve the engagement
  3. Decrease absenteeism absenteeism
  4. Reducing stress and improve the work climate
  5. Improve the positioning and image of the company
  6. Strengthening teamwork and pride of belonging
Corporate Wellness Program
Corporate Wellness Programme - APP

What do you feel like training today?

  • Personal trainer, nutritionists, psychologists and pain unit physicians 24h, with unlimited consultations.
  • On-demand classes in a wide range of sports: fitness, yoga, after-work exercises, stretching.
  • Healthy daily and weekly nutrition plans.
  • Classes and pills on nutrition.
  • Mindfulness.
  • Psychological training routines.
  • Live health and wellness webinars
Anna Pairaló - Cubolife

How do we do it?

  • 1st consultancy phase, to find out the objectives of the workers, in terms of training and nutrition, with a view to having a healthy lifestyle. Analysis of the days and times they usually train and the initial number of people interested in the services.
  • Marketing and communication together with the company or independently, with the aim of promoting the use of the programme.
  • Monthly monitoring of the programme's progress, reporting directly to the company's human resources department on the fulfilment of objectives, new developments and improvements to be implemented.

They already trust us:

They already trust us: