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It has never been so easy to be physically well and

Combine the Cubolife APP with training on your Cube, or wherever you want, and get in shape with the total training system. You no longer have any excuses.

Enjoy on-demand classes through our App, with healthy nutritional plans and psychological coaching.

In addition, our App provides you with a booking management system for your Cube, which gives you full autonomy and eliminates the need for staff.

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Fitness, pilates, stretching, golf, tennis, paddle tennis, triathlon, running, cycling. A complete app, with physical training, nutrition and psychology.

We have a team of qualified trainers in each of these sports areas, who teach their classes from our fitness studios.

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Our specialist nutrition team will help you to follow a healthy nutritional pattern to achieve energy and vitality and improve your state of health, helping you to enjoy every day of your life to the full.

To complete your wellbeing, our psychology team will provide you with mind training routines based on the principles of sports psychology.

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Our Wellness

With our team of specialists in sports training, physiotherapy, nutrition and psychology, you will be able to train and follow a nutritional plan with very different objectives, such as weight loss, muscle mass gain or preparation for a sporting challenge at any level, improving your physical and psychological condition. 

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