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Improve the wellbeing and health of your company's employees
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It's all about people

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Put a trainer,
nutritionist, psychologist and pain unit doctor on your employees' smartphone, with unlimited 24-hour consultations.

  • It begins with an initial interview, in which the trainer, nutritionist or psychologist provides them with a customized plan.
  • On a weekly or fortnightly basis, they monitor the plan.
  • In addition, they can make any other type of consultations about wellness and health, with the objective of improving their physical and emotional wellbeing.

Cubolife Corporate Wellness Programme

  • Unlimited consultations with a personal trainer, a psychologist, a nutritionist and a 24-hour pain unit physician.
  • On-demand classes in a multitude of sports: yoga, fitness, after-work exercises, stretching.
  • Live webinars and courses on health and wellness
  • Healthy nutrition with weekly plans, classes and pills.
  • Mindfulness based on breathing, observation and meditation.
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personal trainer, nutritionist, psychologist and pain doctor
trainer, physical exercise, nutrition, mindfulness, pain doctor, pain doctor
Monthly Subscription
% Commitment
weekly communication with the company

Why a Corporate Wellness Programme?

There is a shift in priorities among company employees, with health taking precedence.

It is no longer just about financial wellbeing, you have to go for a comprehensive health and wellbeing programme if you want to attract and keep the best talent.

A corporate wellness programme:

  1. Increases productivity.
  2. Improve engagement.
  3. It reduces absenteeism.
  4. It reduces stress and improves the working environment.
  5. It improves the positioning and image of the company.
  6. It strengthens teamwork and pride in belonging.
Cubolife APP - Corporate Wellness 3

Slide Cubolife - White Identity CuboLife App - APP Store CuboLife APP - Google Play Find out about our Corporate Wellness programme
Cubolife and the APP that changes the traditional model
and combines Sport, Health, Food and Psychology.
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Isabel Banzo


"The Corporate Wellness Program offered by Cubolife is an excellent opportunity to bring healthy lifestyle habits to the work environment, with all the benefits that this entails for both the employee and the company".

Isabel Banzo
HR Manager at Cablescom
Cristian Moratiel Vicioso


The indoor cube solution is the perfect solution to complete your training at home. It allows you to perform all the necessary exercises to strengthen you in the 3 disciplines of triathlon. During this situation that we have had to live, it is as if you were moving the gym to your home.

Cristian Moratiel Vicioso
Ironman World Championship Kona 19


Cubolife me offers sports solutions for club members, more innovative than those of other companies and with an excellent quality-price ratio. In addition, it allows the installation of a sustainable gym 100% respecting our privileged natural environment.

Pablo Menéndez Vergara
Manager at Real Club de Golf La Peñaza

They already trust us:

They already trust us:

Our digital content

Enjoy weekly nutritional plans, with daily menus, recipes and shopping list, and take advantage of the courses and pills on nutrition and dietetics that we offer you.

We spend too much time in front of the computer, we work long hours in the office and our body suffers. And because we care about the health of workers, we have prepared this special section, which will work on the areas of the body that suffer the most.

Your practice tailored to your needs. Work with our yogi by objectives: emotional management, physical intensity, physical recovery, overcoming, emotional transformation, good resolutions. Discover the ideal practice for you and for today.

Every week you will have guided workouts, according to your objectives. Put on your sports clothes, grab your towel and water bottle, and get training!

Give yourself a few minutes a day to do the stretches we propose in this section. At work, at home or at the gym. Your body will thank you and you will feel better at the end of the day.

A programme that helps emotional well-being, working on breathing, observation and meditation. With guided classes that propose simple, systematic work that encourages personal reflection and activation to change.

And if you want a stand-alone gym in your company...

100% Eco-Friendly bins

We care about the environment, that's why the company focuses on 0% CO2 emissions, and the total use of recycled or reused materials, to be 100% environmentally sustainable.
Our modular gyms are fully autonomous, by installing photovoltaic panels on the roofs.
We support the 3R motto "Reduce, Reuse and Recycle", for which we use the maximum of reused and recycled materials.

Solar Energy 0
Autonomy 0
Recycled Materials 0
Impact on the environment 0