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Pain is a symptom, a mechanism of the nervous system that warns us that there is damage. But if this pain is prolonged, central sensitization can occur and turn it into chronic pain even if the cause disappears. Pain as a symptom becomes pain as a disease.

In Spain, according to the Spanish Pain Society, 17% of the adult population suffers from chronic pain.
Almost half of the visits to the doctor are for pain.

Pain is the leading cause of absenteeism from work, lowers performance and is related to other diseases such as depression, anxiety, endocrine disorders
or sleep disorders. Currently, most visits to a Pain Unit depend mainly on a referral from another specialist, and once referred, the patient is faced with the long waiting lists that these units have due to the immense volume of population to be treated. Delaying this wait until a consultation with a pain specialist exponentially increases the likelihood that this pain will become chronic.

With our Cubolife App, the worker will be able to talk to a pain doctor in less than 24 hours, they will see their symptoms, what treatments they have undergone to date, doctors they have seen, if they do sports or any type of physical exercise, and once everything has been analyzed by our pain doctor, he will direct the patient to the corresponding pain unit, when indicated, to relieve the pain, treat it and prevent the pain from becoming chronic.
There are many treatments and techniques that can make it possible for a patient who believes he or she is doomed to be in pain to improve and even be cured. Patients should be aware of the existence of these units and the possibilities they have for improvement.

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