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New trends in hotel design

The coronavirus pandemic has hit the hotel industry particularly hard, halting travel in the short term, and subsequently drastically reducing revenue. Hotel companies are redefining hotel spaces, focusing on social distancing and touchless systems, leading to major changes in common areas and guest rooms.

In reference to fitness spaces, the trend will be to reduce them, and even move them to the privacy of the rooms. Clients will be given the option of have a room with a fitness area or with sports equipment, so that they can train without leaving the room.In this way they can train without having to leave the room, with all the security and comfort that this can bring to the client.

Cubolifea company of connected training systems, offers a training rack ideal for placement in hotel rooms, for its aesthetics and dimensions.. With the training rack CUBO Indoorand the Cubolife APPcustomers who want to exercise with a complete training system, without having to leave the room, can practice fitness, Pilates, Pilates, Pilates training, Pilates training, Pilates training, Pilates training, Pilates training, Pilates training and Pilates training.They can practice fitness, pilates, boxing and functional exercises. In this way, guests will feel as if they were at home and, if possible, even better.

Offering training services in holiday resorts has become a must for those chains that want to have a four or five-star category. So the offer of fitness and wellness as the one offered by Cubolife, has been gaining relevance in the range of services of such establishments.

In addition, Spain must be an innovator in the hotel servicesas it is a benchmark in the sector, as it is the second largest tourist second largest tourist power in the worldand the first at European leveland because the tourism sector represents 12% of the country's GDP.

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Enrique Casqueiro

Enrique Casqueiro
CEO Cubolife

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