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Complement your routine with AFTERWORK stretches

We all know that it is essential to stretch after physical exercise, but we do not stretch when we finish a long day's work and it is a big mistake.
We are exposed to repetitive work all day long, from typing on a keyboard for several hours a day, to picking up the phone uncomfortably with the same arm over and over again. All the actions we perform throughout the day take a toll on our bodies and we end up exhausted and with physical aches and pains that we could avoid if we add a series of healthy habits to our routine.

Today we are introducing the habit of stretching

We know that it is difficult to introduce a new habit with a busy day full of work, activities and commitments, but with just 5 minutes a day our body will be very grateful.

Performing a series of stretches on a routine basis has a number of benefits.
Firstly, it helps to prevent possible injuries and muscle discomfort created by routine work or repetitive or awkward postures. It will also help you to release tension and relax your muscles after an intense day. Stretching will serve to encourage your body to form a balance between the different systems made up of muscles, joints, nerve tissues and fasciae. Increasing the flexibility of the muscles will in turn improve circulation and oxygenation.

Spending a few minutes a day for yourself will help to unburden your body and mind and this will be reflected in the way you are able to tackle new projects and achieve your personal goals successfully.

In our APP you will find a section dedicated to help you with "afterwork" exercises, with them you will be able to create new habits and end your day with the best possible feeling.

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