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Benefits of corporate wellness programs

Nowadays, health and wellbeing have become something primordial in any organization, being one of the main concerns of companies. According to the Deloitte article "The Corporate Wellness Segment. A view into potential opportunities and challenges for the market". 78% of the companies surveyed will increase their investment in wellness and physical activity programs in the next three years.

Implementing and encouraging lifestyle habits, healthier employees, who follow a balanced diet, exercise daily or have a more positive mindset, makes them more energetic to face the challenges of everyday life. 

This not only brings benefits for the personal health of workers, but also has a positive impact on companies, which have realized that implementing and encouraging this type of practice inevitably translates into better results and a number of advantages such as:

  • Increased productivity
  • Improving engagement
  • Decrease in absenteeism
  • Reduction of work stress and improvement of the work environment.
  • Improved positioning and image.
  • Strengthening teamwork and pride of belonging.

Cubolife has among its missions to make Corporate Wellness Programs available to all types of companies, through its autonomous modular gyms, its modular training racks and its App, with completely innovative services of sports training, nutrition and psychology. 

All Cubolife products are designed and manufactured in Spain, with the philosophy of contributing its grain of sand in the productive fabric of the country, and to reach more quickly and easily to its customers.

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Enrique Casqueiro

Enrique Casqueiro
CEO Cubolife

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